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Hi, my name is Rosalina, 25 years old from small village called Toba Holbung in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It might be something I wouldn’t expect to go far from my homeland. I had never imagined myself striving in foreign country. I was always a little girl who hid behind my mother's back every time I met strangers. I never dared to speak up any words to foreigners. I used to be this little girl who ran barefoot upon the green hills with my selfmade kite.

Yet, it was changed. I was graduated from university of Medan majoring in French language in 2016. I wasn’t a bright student but I was also not a bad one. Among other students, I would be considered as a quiet and patient but at the same time adventurous. I used to host foreigners in my house during my university study. This way, I was slowly getting to know the world. Those foreigners had brought the images of their countries and their cultures to my home. And there was this idea to go abroad to see the world with my own eyes. I wasn’t raised in a rich family. Having growing up with 7 siblings and farmer parents, I could never ask for more than education and enough compassion. I could never afford to go further with less money. Fortunately, this is world with sophisticated technology and internet is very accessible.

I found the idea of Aupair. I started to look up on any possibilities until I found a host family in South of France. I contacted the family and we had some nice exchange to offer. We signed contract and I started to work on my visa process. After one month process, finally I could fly to Italy because my host family would work there during winter time although they lived in South of France. I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to my beloved mother because she was in another city but she tried to catch up to the airport.

As my plane was about to take off she had me on the phone with her trembled voice saying sorry and that she wouldn’t be able to see me for one year—as I had one year contract.

My host family were kind and sweet to welcome me. Their 2 years old son was very lovable and active so I could not deny that I adore him and considered him as my little brother.

As time passing by, I felt depressed of having no friends and talked less and less to my family because of my working hours. I started to work at 8 am and finished at 11pm or 11.30pm. It was exhausted doing all the house cleaning, cooking, and taking an active two yearly years old boy.

Yet, I dedicated myself to work and took aside that I came to study French And learn French culture as my previous education was French. I also didn’t give much news to my family because there was no free days during winter and summer. Having spent 7 months in the family, I totally lost myself, lost my emotions and could not speak up my mind. I was so lonely and emotionally drained. I decided to kindly quit the family and planned to study French.

We had a little argument but it was worth my courage to ask them for my freedom. I had right to choose my way. I asked for some advices from my friends who were doing aupair too. And I was suggested to contact an agent to find a new family which is more proper and secured. The idea wasn’t a bad option since I would be able to go to school.

After spending one month traveling and waiting for a new family to accept my proposal, I finally got contacted by a host family from South of France. I got in contact and I decided to accept the family. I think I have made a right decision because I'm in a kind and nice family. They respect me and give me a lot of opportunities to do my activities and support my presence in the family. I feel more considered as myself yet able to learn their culture.

I have more kids to look after but it's more in a proper working hours and rules. I am able to have my courage and faith in people again, be strong and strive for the days ahead. I am more grateful and again and again for being able to find my kind, responsible and helpful agent.

Now I'm not the little girl who hid behind my mother’s back anymore because every time I meet strangers, I smile.

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